Life's Too Short For Bad Coffee.

Rabbit Dash, named after the owner's hobby silk screening project, is a
friendly community based coffee house devoted to serving quality products and services in the
lovely town of Saugeen Shores.

We specialize in espresso based beverages as well as high quality
loose leaf teas. Our in-house food is comprised of soups, salads and waffles,
which are made daily with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Meet Our Staff


Owner. Screen printer, cyclist, hot mess, and lover of the east coast.
Favourite Drink: Americano (said with a surfer accent)
Barista (owner) by day, bike short enthusiast by night.


General Manager. Freelance makeup artist, Netflix binge watcher, Brooklyn's finest. Never afraid to get her hands dirty.
Favourite Drink: Decaf with maple syrup & one cream.
Barista by day, Beyonce by night.


Kitchen manager. Wiz with words, karaoke queen especially when Carly Rae is on. Lover of all things minion!
Favourite Drink: Triple shot Americano
Kitchen manager by day, Goderich St neighbourhood watch by night.


Avid speller. Dog enthusiast, one half of the tie-dye twins. On a quest to find the perfect food/drink combos.
Favourite Drink: Americano with maple syrup
Barista by day, foodie by night (and day)


Barista with the best hair. Resident nerd, avid napper. One half of the tie-dye twins.
Favourite Drink: More shots of espresso than humanly possible.
Barista by day, Vanilla Ice by night.


Tattoo enthusiast, the only body pierce who also enjoys singing Taylor Swift. Expert cupcake maker.
Favourite Drink: London Fog
Baker by day, Impaler (body piercer) by night.


Philosopher, resident teenage drama queen. Always working on her biceps.
Favourite Drink: Iced Americano
Barista by day, Disney Princess by night.


Linguist, green thumb. Stunt driver, expert bean counter.
Favourite Drink: Danielle's Special(Chubby Bunny)
Barista by day, Rizzo by night.


Entrepreneur, visual artist, up-cycle queen. Board game enthusiast, and future traveller of the world (some day).
Favourite Drink: Chai Latte.
Barista by day, Artist by night.


Rabbit Dash values carrying only certified fair trade organic coffee as well as ethically sourced organic teas. We try to follow the 100 Mile guideline for all of our suppliers, many of which are locally based. This allows us to have a much stronger relationship with our suppliers and gain knowledge from the experts of the products we sell.

Rabbit Dash aims to give back to the community by promoting other local businesses as well as sponsoring community events and fundraisers. The arts are an important part of our community and we encourage them by hosting open mic, “Big Wall” visual showcases as well as retailing artisinal items.

Our kitchen or "Dashery", provides a yummy menu consisting of a Soup of the Day, Salad of the day, a full waffle menu spanning over Breakfast & lunch, as well as muffins and many special seasonal sweets.

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Online Store

We sell various different products Ranging from beans to brewers

Ascaso Basic
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Ascaso Steel Uno Professional V3
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Ascaso Dream
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Ascaso Imini I1 Grinder
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Rocket Cellini Premium Plus V3
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Ascaso iSteel I1 Grinder
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